Sunday, January 22, 2006

Small World

It was a sunday afternoon, I walk along the side of the road and see this beautiful woman standing in the balcony wondering about something. There are kids playing below her second floor house on the side of a not so busy road. Is she waiting for someone ?.. Her hair is not combed, Her face is all sweating and one can feel her tiredness. She looked not so like any other married women who would infact be watching tv or taking some rest after spending a long time cooking lunch. Such a peace in her face! .. All of a sudden, she shouts, "rahul, don't play on the road"... was she looking at the boy all along ? It seems like the scorching sun is the last thing that she thought of. An hour and a half passes by and she is still in the balcony, is she waiting for the sunset ? A scooter comes towards the apartment and stops by. The kid waves at her and gets on the scooter. After a couple of minutes, the scooter comes back and she finally gets in. So what was she doing ? Waiting for her family!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

End of the River

There is a waterfall ahead! My first blog.