Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Coincidence ?

It was the day of presidential election in US between a white man and black man, a old man and a young man, a war veteran and a regular citizen, it was between Barack Obama and John Mccain.

Even though in the end, as expected by everyone I know, Barack Obama became the 44th president of the united states and becoming the first black president in over 200 years, an interesting thing happened.

For an unknown reason, I decide to watch a movie. Might be becuase it was only five to 10 in the night. I had always wanted to watch "Point Break" and thought it would be a good choice. So I start it, unplug my monitor and connect to my TV.

Once the movie starts, I realize it was "V for Vendetta" and not "Point Break", how much ever I think that I had in fact started "Point Break". For a person to have not seen "V for Vendetta" before, the starting was very interesting. So I continue to watch, only to realize in the end whether "watching this movie, this day, was in fact a coincidence".

The quote that made me realize was,

"He was right! .. That the country needs more than a building right now. It needs hope!".

I believe, there are a few things in the world that are hard to explain and this is one of them. I write this note to myself, to remind me the importance of this day as anyone could interpret.


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