Sunday, February 05, 2006

Illusion of Life

When it comes to the way of life or how the world works, there are so many things one could think of. Its a very common thing that you keep staring at the mirror for a long time wondering why am i not able to see how someone else sees! why am i not able to see through someone else's eyes! No one can give a clear answer to it.

The fact that everything you see is from you/your eyes can be used to say that others don't exist. so what are others ? thats what i call as an illusion. They are there for you but you can never guarantee or prove their existance. When life started on this planet, it was claimed that there needs to be a man and a women to form a new life which revolutioned the presence of millions of people who are connected together. This also brought in the concept of parents to make you believe that you were born. You go to school to understand the illusion that lies behind you which forms the basis of your existance. But you may ask me, the hunger you feel is real if so how can the food that you eat be an illusion. The food that you eat is an illusion of the thing that is required to satisfy your hunger.

There are so many jobs which various kinds of people do based on their liking but does any of it matter ? consider yourself, what is the whole point of going to office and working for 8 hours a day, In the end, you are going to die and this entire world of illusion dies along with you. The problem always is with these kinds of question which arise due the fact of not knowing where this is all going. But one thing everyone knows is that death in this world can't be the end, simpliy because if its the end then what is whole point of your existence to you.

This of course does not mean that we should stop living, From what I see, Your existence is solely to you and only you, so do everything that makes you want to live more. Even after knowing that everything around you is an illusion, Why would you want to die if you are happy!.


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